Final Presentation

The first task was getting in contact with the person I was working with, usually this is quite easy in real life because you can meet up and you know their real name. All I knew was that I was with a person named Deeuwan on Second Life and I didn’t know her real name. […]

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Week 8

This week we discussed how sharing to much of yourself or your views on social media can impact you negatively. We read an article before class about a girl named Paris Brown, Brown was a youth crime commissioner and she has had t resign due to her tweets on twitter. Brown was accused if being […]

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Week 7

This week we had class through chat as Johns microphone wasn’t working, the class went on for a little longer than usual as writing over chat tool a lot longer than speaking. John started the class by explaining how we can improve our blogs some tips he gave us were, adding a bio and a […]

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Week 6

This week the theme of the class was Opacity, we spoke about how are society is becoming more and more transparent and we need to keep some opacity there. Just like in the reading “Poetics of Relation” by Edouard Glissant who said that everyone needed opacity.We were asked to watch a TEDx talk by Pernille […]

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Week 5

This week we discussed the topic of our presentations #MeToo. #MeToo is a hashtag campaign that circulated on Twitter and other social media platforms.On October 15th, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a note, which asked for victims of sexual harassment and assault to write ‘me too’ as a reply to her tweet (seen below). The tweet was posted when all […]

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Week 4

This week class was a day late and started at half 8 on a Thursday. This week John was unable to take the class so we had  guest lecturer called Glen come in however he had been locked out of his house by his children, so we rescheduled the class to the following evening. We […]

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Week 3

This week we had a guest lecturer called Sitearm Madonna. I arrived very early to class this week to meet up with some of my group members, however the groups have changed now. When I first got to class Sitearm was there, I didn’t know who he was and he was talking to himself, I […]

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